That's it! We're moving out!

Keep an eye out over the next couple of days, because this site's about to be completely transformed. We're moving everything over to, the land of magical tools that will finally make is so easy to make updates, I'll be able to update from any computer (even my iPhone) and have new content here for you almost every single day.

We're playing with the initial compositions behind the scenes, but should have the first release up in the next couple of days. Until then, check out some sweet bootleg footage of my last Tonight Show appearance!


Tonight Show Appearance is up!

Check it out: Brian on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 3/26 

...and while you're at it, Scam School is now up to episode 56, and on Tuesday, April 7th, we'll be celebrating the big one-year anniversary the show with a special live extravaganza on the BBLiveShow. (For more details, follow Brian's twitter feed).


Updated the Spring 2009 Calendar

Still sketching out spring 2009, but we've made a bunch of updates to the tour so far. Check 'em out here.

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