Frame Rate 77: There's Gold In Them There Hipsters

Comcast raises data cap, exclusive shows on Hulu, Blade Runner sequel talks, and more.


Weird Things Podcast: Dead Martian Walking

Fight! An epic battle ensues when Brian wonders aloud if everyone would be okay with sending a willing volunteer on a one way trip to Mars. Is it a bold, necessary step toward brining humanity beyond the stars? Or a gruesome galactic human sacrifice with no real value? Meanwhile! A secret is unearthed underneath the Kodak building in Rochester. Can Justin resist the temptation to cook a bag of popcorn on it and eat the tainted, yet delicious, results?

Listen here:


Frame Rate 76: Where is Your Crystal Ball?

Aereo isn't stopped, Dish Network adds 'Auto Hop', 'Game Of Thrones' piracy, and more.


NSFW 127: Pizzaaaaaaaaa

We're joined by a special guest who is put through his paces, and gives his advice to people in need of advice, and a giveaway is constructed. 


Fool Your Friends with Pricking the Garter!

Get a refresher and a history lesson on the "fast and loose" con game we've learned on Scam School before. In this episode Brian teaches an earlier version of the same scam. This one's known as "pricking the garter" and instead of a chain, we use a rolled up belt. Challenge your friends to see if they can put their finger in the true center of the belt loop so that when you unravel the two ends of the strap, it remains "fast" rather than pulls away "loose."