Convince Your Friends They Have Psychic Powers

In this week's episode of Scam School, learn how to have your friends separate an entire deck of cards by color... without looking!


Final Episode of Game On!

After 13 weeks of great episodes, Game On! has unfortunately come to an end.  Check out the final episode where Brian and Veronica interview legendary game designer Al Lowe and take a first-look at the Japanese Arcade documentary 100 Yen.


Can You Make a Paper Clip Float?

On this week's episode of Scam School, Brian introduces a new challenge – is it possible to make a paper clip float? Find out how below.


Is Cable Dominance Slowing Down? Brian and Tom Discuss Cutting the Cord on Frame Rate

Frame Rate, a show about cutting the cord, hit its 70th episode this week.  Brian and his co-host Tom Merritt discuss a variety of news, from Google TV to the latest casting for Steve Jobs.


Live Performance by The Glowing Stars on TWiT Game On!

Last Sunday, TWiT aired its twelth episode of Game On! featuring its first live music performance on the show by the band The Glowing Stars.  This episode also features a review of Zombies Run and a first-look at Maxis' Sim City 5. Check out the video below, and catch Game On! live every Sunday night at