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As you know, one of our mottos here at Revision3 is “Anywhere, ...
August 26
We are very pleased and excited to welcome you to the new brand new ...
May 20
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April 27
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Web Series

Brian is the host of several web series:

Scam School

The big news? Brian is now hosting SCAM SCHOOL: the only show dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street. Recently named by iTunes as a "Top Podcast of 2008" AND a "Top Podcast of 2009," this show will teach you scams to mess with your friends, get the girl, and (of course) score a free drink. Head on over to to see the full list of shows.


JUST LAUNCHED! NSFW is Brian's show about late night gaming and internet culture. Joined by Justin Robert Young, each episode features live calls from the public, A-list internet celebrities, heated discussions, and regular troublemaking. The show is part of Leo Laporte's TWiT network, and can be seen at either or

Brian Brushwood on the Road

Brian also hosts a series called "Brian Brushwood on the road" at (Brian's favorite episode is #13). You should check it out now.

BB Live Show

Want to know what it's like to hang out with Brian for a couple of hours? (hint: it's not pretty) The BBLiveShow is a largely off-the-record opportunity to watch Brian interact live with his fans. New episodes come out at completely random intervals, so make sure to follow Brian at twitter if you want to catch the next live event. (warning: the live show is totally unscripted, and led largely by calls from the public, so don't be surprised by adult language and mature subject matter)