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About the book:

At last...  Never pay for a drink again!  Get the girl's number and become the center of the party.

Bigger. Better. More badass: The Bestselling "Scam School" series of books returns with the single most advanced book of easy magic tricks ever created in Scam School Book 2: Fire.


Scam School Book 2: Fire is jam-packed with over 90 tricks from the popular web series Scam School.  With material spanning over 200 episodes, you'll learn the very best bar scams and tricks, guaranteed to impress. Packed with exclusive bonus content, including 70+ audio commentaries and 65+ embedded video illustrations, Scam School Book 2 is perfect for both new and returning fans of the series.


Features in Scam School Book 2:

Hear behind-the-scenes secrets about Scam School episodes and listen to bonus techniques with Brian's exclusive audio commentary for every trick featured in the book.  Embedded video illustrations provide an easy way to understand some of the visual aspects of your favorite scams.

Ever need to review a trick at the bar before pulling it off in front of an audience? Having the Scam School books on-the-go allows you to easily review tricks, techniques, and presentation ideas in secret before amazing your friends.

Each trick has a custom header designed to summarize the type (or class) of trick, the factors involved, and what objects are required to pull it off. Each section that corresponds to a Scam School episode links directly to that episode.

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