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    Live Shows

    STAGE SHOW: Brian Brushwood - Bizarre Magic

    As seen on dozens of TV programs, including twice on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” (visit the videos page to see more) Winner of awards ranging from “Best Comedy Magic” to “Variety Entertainer of the Year.” (see the quotes page for more)

    In just one show Brian eats fire, breaks a 30-pound concrete brick on his head, performs his signature “human crazy straw” “Mr. Happypants” and “knife roulette” routines ...all while keeping the audience laughing. Escapes, dangerous stunts, comedy and magic combine in the most unique, original, outrageous show you’ve EVER brought to your event.

    To learn more, check out Brian's publicity booklet, watch his demo video, and then contact Brian at 866-EAT-FIRE or write him at


    LECTURE: Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural

    Ever wonder how those guys on TV seem to talk to the dead? What about ESP and psychic surgery? How do street scams and cons work? Want to know how YOU can trick your friends into believing you have psychic powers?

    As a magician, Brian’s wise to all the tricks used by frauds, tricksters, and scam artists …and now he’s ready to take YOU to scam school. This is no ordinary lecture: we’re talking hands-on experiments, a live performance of psychic surgery,

    free giveaways of cash and prizes, and all the secrets TV psychics DON’T want you to know. Check it out:

    Part 0: Introduction and Highlights
    Part 5: Memory and Eyewitness Testimony
    Part 10: ESP and Probability
    Part 11: Homeopathy, Magnets, and Quackery


    UP-CLOSE APPEARANCES: like having "Scam School" at your own event!

    Hosting a big event?  You can have Brian personally bring the experience of Scam School to you.  See up close magic, learn bar scams, and be blown away by bizarre tricks right in front of you.  Available stand-alone, or combine the live interaction with one of Brian's stage shows.  Call or write for more details