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Performing the Live Stage Show Across the Internet

Brian performs his live stage show across the world at numerous college and corporate events every year.  We pack up the show into four 50 pound trunks, hop on a plane, run through the show, and often do the same thing all over again the next day in a completely different state.

Jeff and his son celebrate their birthdays at the same time each year, and as fans of Brian's online shows, what better way to celebrate than with the live stage show?  Unfortunately, we couldn't make the cost of the show work to fly out for this one, but Jeff brought up a facinating idea – was it possible to do the show over Skype?

At first we didn't know what to expect, but we decided to try it out, and the results were fantastic.  With a slightly revised setlist, we ran through the bulk of the stage show, keeping much of the same energy the audience feels when in the same room.  The show was an absolute blast to perform, and by the reaction sounds we heard from across the internet, we know it was also fun to watch.

We'd love to play around with this idea more and discover what the strengths of doing a show over Skype could be.  If you're interested in something similar to this, contact Brian directly at 866-EAT-FIRE.  Huge thanks to Jeff for sending us some pictures of how everything looked from their end.

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Brian - thank you SO MUCH for doing your show for us over the internet. We got SO MANY people saying it was the best birthday party ever! Thanks for making our day one that we'll never forget.

Thanks dude!

April 3 | Unregistered CommenterJeff

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