Guest Appearance on "This Week in Tech," Tomorrow on "Magic Week in Review"

I'm in San Francisco, getting ready to shoot new segments for Scam School.  I got to sit in on another episode of this week in tech with Leo Laporte (episode #192, link available tomorrow).  Head over to to catch it as soon as it's available.

Also, first thing tomorrow morning, I'll be doing the iTricks "Magic Week in Review" with Justin R Young.  Keep an eye out.


New Scam School Episode - Mix Match

New episode is out!  This one's a killer card trick with no sleight of hand required... and you don't even need to be playing with a full deck:  (oh, and post some comments here, just so I know the newfangled squarespace site works :-)


New website is now live is now forwarding to the new squarespace page, while we continue to port stuff over (so definitely expect broken links and missing content).  If you're looking for something specific that you know was on the original, head to and you can jump back there to look around.


New episode of BBLiveShow is out!

We got rare footage of Daniel Garcia performing a very unique (and very NSFW... mature audiences only!) version of the classic card effect "sam the bellhop" up at  Check it out.


Conversion is underway!

At this point, we're creeping in on a completed web site!  Lots of minutiae to work out (and many, many broken links), but we're mere days from re-launching the new-and-improved