Game On! Episode 11

Brian's latest podcasting venture, Game On!, aired its 11th episode last night.  This episode features a flame war debate on Bioware's announcement for a new Mass Effect 3 ending, a list of the best dressed video game characters, an interview with prop replica master Bill Doran, and much more! Check it out below.


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New Comedy Album Coming Soon...

Last October, Brian and Justin (co-host of the web series NSFW) released their first comedy album, titled Night Attack.  After hitting #1 on Amazon's comedy charts and #4 on the billboard comedy charts, we all knew a sequel was likely, and back in February, Justin flew out to record the new album in studio with Brian.

This weekend saw the first rough cut of the new album, which is targeting a late April/early May release. And while the stories and content will remain under wraps until the official release, you can check out a random assortment of two-second clips from each track the audio teaser below.

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Scam School Book 1 Launched

Ever since launching Scam School back in 2008, Brian has always wanted to release a book based on his web series.  Since then, Scam School has accumulated over 200 episodes and won multiple awards, including recognition as an iTunes Top Podcast for both 2008 and 2009.  While both Scam School's audience and back catalog continued to grow, the book remained a dream until last week when it was released to the world on Pi Day 2012.

So why now?

The trick with the Scam School book is Brian always envisioned a highly-visual experience from cover-to-cover – a concept printed books have been mastering for years, but for the early days of digital books, getting the formatting to cooperate is an uphill battle.

At the end of 2011, we were introduced to Vook, a publishing platform designed to create ebooks compatible with all major ebook platforms.  After seeing a preview of what was possible, we knew now was finally the time to start production on the Scam School books. With Vook, we were able to make the truly media-rich experience Brian had envisioned for the book, incorporating audio commentaries, video demonstrations and hundreds of pictures.

We hit a lot of unexpected bumps along the way – one time the entire book disappeared! But after weeks of hard work, along with help from the awesome team at Vook, we were able to pull it off.

If you haven't had the chance to check out the book yet, here's what people have been saying:

"To put it simply, everyone producing ebooks from now on have to seriously raise their game following the publication of Brian's book as he's really using the format to it's best advantage and I guarantee normal magic books are going to look rubbish in comparison to it with it's integrated videos and audio commentaries." - AJ Irving, Talk Magic

"This is a mind blasting experience like no other. I haven't seen an ebook made quite like this. Visuals that will help you step by step to learn these tricks. If you love parties, going to bars, living life then get this book." - James, Amazon reviewer

Scam School is available for Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook.  For more information visit

Fall tour schedule begins

Hey guys-- I just sketched out the current plan for the next month, and to be honest... it scares me (just a little).  Everything's subject to change, but here's what we're looking at:


8/16 - live recordings of NSFW and Frame Rate
8/17 - free in TX
8/18 - free in TX
8/19 - live stage show, U of Alabama, Huntsville, AL
8/20 - live stage show, Johnson State College, Johnson, VT
8/21 - appearance on "This Week in Tech", Petaluma, CA
8/22 - live stage show, University of the Ozarks, Clarksville, AR
8/23 - live recordings NSFW and Frame Rate in Chicago, IL
8/24 - live stage show, Harper college, Palatine, IL
8/25 - free in IL
8/26 - live stage show, Depauw University, IN
8/27 - travel back to TX
8/28 - free in TX
8/29 - free in TX
8/30 - free in TX
8/31 - free in TX
9/1 - travel to Dragon*con, Atlanta, GA
9/2 - live appearances Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA
9/3 - appearance on "Tech News Today" live at Dragon*Con
9/4 - live recording NSFW and Frame Rate on stage @ Dragon*Con
9/5 - travel GA to TX
9/6 - travel to Oakland, CA for Scam School shoots (possible TWiT appearances) 
9/7 - shooting Scam School episodes in San francisco, CA 
9/8 - live stage show, Sacramento State University, CA
9/9 - live stage show, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
9/10 - shooting Scam School episodes in San Francisco, CA
9/11 - appearance on "This Week in Tech" in Petaluma, CA 
9/12 - travel to TX
9/13 - free in TX
9/14 - free in TX
9/15 - live stage show, Nichols College, NY



NSFW Summer Music Series

You may think NSFW Show is an epic Internet comedy show of uncontrollable, unpredictable nonsense (and in some ways you're totally right), but one thing that has been consistent and predictable on Tuesday nights is the awesome-factor of every guest who has performed in our Summer Music Series.

This weekly segment started on Episode 75 with Andrew Bancroft and over the past few months has included a wide-variety of musical talent, including MC Frontalot, Jonathan Mann, and Julia Nunes.  You can find a compilation of all of our summer music performances on YouTube.

Tune-in to this week's episode to experience our latest Summer Music guest, The OneUps Band, a video game-centric musical collective from Fayetteville, Arkansas. You can watch NSFW live over at on Tuesday nights at 10pm ET, and as always, past episodes are availible at